A week of driving nirvana – Europe's best driving roads and stunning scenery

The 2017 tour crossed 5 stunning countries taking in the sights of the Alps, Dolomite Mountains, the fearsome Nurburgring as well as some top city destinations over 7 days. During the trip, we took on the Nurburgring, Furka Pass, Tremola Pass, San Bernardino Pass, Fluela Pass, Ofenpass. Stelvio, Grossglockner Alpine Road and many more.

An amazing 7 day tour across some of Europe's best driving roads, 5 countries, air-conditioned hotels, professional automotive photographer, the Nürburgring and Verzasca Dam, vinyl decals for your car/bike, pre-programmed routes for your sat nav, support vehicles, and more!

What's better than driving some of the world's most stunning roads by day and relaxing in a different, amazing city each night?

We've meticulously planned this road trip to ensure there's just the right amount of driving per day, exploration and time to stop and take in the stunning views.

Day 1 – Nürburgring, Germany

The first day of the road trip sees all the teams meet at the prestigious Nürburgring Nordschleife. This will give you a chance to meet the other participants while also signing on to the Ultimate European Road Trip 2017 and collecting your information packs.

With a number of good bars and restaurants to grab some lunch at, as well as plenty of attractions all within walking distance, there will be lots to see and do before we head for the evening's destination of Frankfurt.

Day 1 – Frankfurt, Germany

After a relatively short drive across central Germany, we arrive at the incredible city of Frankfurt - Europe's financial hub and one of Germany's most exciting cities. This will be our stop-over for the night.

Near to the skyscrapers you can find cosy Ebbelwei pubs and, at the heart of the bustling city centre, you can find historical sights again and again.

Day 2 – Augsburg, Germany

We leave Frankfurt mid-morning and head south on the historical Romantische Straße (Romantic Road). Today's drive will be a short one allowing you to take in all it has to offer - from sweeping bends through the German countryside to the picturesque villages that line the route.

With plenty of places to stop for lunch, you're sure to find somewhere to sample the delights of the local cuisine before continuing your journey.

We find ourselves rolling into Augsburg in the afternoon on what will be our final night in Germany. This 500 year old city has lots of history to explore before we convene in the evening to share the day’s events.

Day 3 – Innsbruck, Austria

Continuing on the second half of the Romantische Straße, we head towards the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Traditionally a destination for winter sports fans, it also has a wealth of other activities to keep you entertained.

From taking a pleasant stroll through the boutique passageways of the Old Town to climbing the steps of the city tower with its spectacular views for the more energetic amongst you.

Day 4 – Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

Today will be one of the longer days on this year's route, taking in approximately 250 miles of undoubtedly Austria's finest roads.

The highlight of which is the infamous Grossglockner High Alpine Road, one of our favourites of the entire road trip. Climbing to the highest possible point by car to take in the largest glacier in Europe, the Pasterze Glacier is something else.

Day 4 – Bolzano, Italy

We cross the border into Italy and enjoy the brilliant views that the stunning Italian Dolomites have to offer. These spectacular mountains will take your breath away.

We arrive at our destination of Bolzano in the late afternoon - largest city in South Tyrol.

It was voted the number one city in Italy in 2010 and 2012 for "Quality of Life" and with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, you're sure to see why.

Day 5 – Stelvio Pass, Italy

Today we traverse one of, if not the most, famous roads in the world. With its 48 hairpin bends climbing to a height of 2,757m above sea level and an average gradient of 7.5%, the Stelvio Pass is not one you are going to forget in a hurry.

Day 5 – Umbrail Pass, Switzerland

After the breath-taking experience of the Stelvio Pass, you’re immediately confronted with the equally spectacular, yet completely different, Umbrail Pass. With its open views and slightly less intense switchback hairpins (for the first half anyway), you can enjoy traversing your way through the valley down to the village of Santa Maria Val Müstair and across the border into Switzerland.

Day 5 – Ofenpass, Switzerland

This pass takes its name from the ovens that were used in ironworks in the area. Crossing the only national park in Switzerland where there are reported sightings of bears! The pass connects Santa Maria Val Müstair to Zernez in the north and offers great scenery.

Day 5 – Fluela Pass, Switzerland

An absolutely stunning driving road, this pass has sharp, blind curves and hairpin switchbacks. There are few villages located along the pass meaning you can really make some good progress without having to slow down every few miles. This pass takes us from Zernez to Davos, the highest altitude town in Europe and one you may have heard of or been to if you’re fond of skiing!

Day 6 – Chur, Switzerland

We find ourselves arriving in reputedly Switzerland’s oldest town of Chur in the late afternoon. This should give us plenty of time to explore its Old Town located on the east side of the city. Alternatively, if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of places to shop and pick up a souvenir of your visit in the new part of the city in the west.

Day 6 – San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

With a summit approaching 7000 ft, this winding alpine road deep in the Swiss Alps has spectacular views and amazing driving roads, obviously! This area featured in the Top Gear quest around Europe to find the best driving roads and was Mark’s personal favourite on last year's road trip.

The jagged rock landscape captures pools of snow melt to create numerous lakes that are a perfect backdrop for some car photos.

A visitor tradition is to stack up flat, slate-like rocks that are formed here and there will be a prize for the highest achieved by The URTC group.


Most of you will remember 1996's Golden Eye. You'll also probably remember the opening scene where James Bond infiltrates an enemy base within a dam by bungee jumping off it. The URTC 2017 European Road Trip will take you to that dam and, if you feel like recreating that famous scene yourself, you can book a bungee jump independently using this link.

Day 6 – GOTTHARD PASS, Switzerland

The Gotthard Pass is up next and it offers something a little different to what you've seen so far. Stretches of the pass are constructed on raised platforms elevating you above the natural landscape. Moving away from some of the tighter routes you've seen up to this point, the Gotthard Pass offers long, flowing bends leading into one another.


By now you've mastered the hairpin bend but you'll still be craving more and the Temola road doesn't disappoint. Only this time the road is made of granite cobblestones with steep ascends! It really tests your skills at keeping the momentum going and correct gear choice.

Day 6 – FURKA PASS, Switzerland

Get ready for a big climb as you take on the Furka Pass. You'll climb to a dizzy height of nearly 2500m as you reach the summit of one of Europe's most famous passes. You will follow in the tyre tracks of James Bond's very own DB5 as featured in the film Gold Finger.


Today's journey ends with something that offers a bit of everything. Combining long sweeping turns with tight and twisties (and a few hairpins for good measure), the Grimsel Pass is a great way to finish before ending the day in the scenic town of Interlaken.

Day 7 – INTERLAKEN, Switzerland

Literally meaning 'between lakes', this Swiss town sits between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The funnel created by the two lakes guiding you between them means Interlaken is a natural gateway for Northern Europe into the mountainous regions in the south of the country. So, along with its many bars and restaurant offerings, it’s an ideal stopping point for The URTC group.

Day 7 – Black Forest, Germany

Crossing back into Germany for our final day of the trip, we take you through the country's most famed driving roads within the Black Forest. No longer in the Alps at this point, there's not as much of an elevation change but that doesn't detract from the fun or scenery. The routes are constructed of silky smooth tarmac that thread their way through Germany's countryside. Some stretches take you deep into heavy forestation and others elevate you above the landscape to take in the green scenery.


The forest route leads us to the French border for a short hop to the town of Strasbourg. This is where the journey ends and where we'll spend our final night.